Y.CT Compact

Easy to operate, compact computed tomography system for medium to large-sized inspection items.

Y.CT Compact

Automatic image enhancement via dedicated software algorithms, significantly contributes to the premium image quality of the CT Compact. The system is ideally suited for imaging components in automotive and aerospace foundries such as:

  • Heavy metal castings
  • Aluminum and steel components
  • Cylinder heads, engine blocks and transmission housings
  • Dense historical art and archeological objects
  • Large geological samples

In one test run you can create CT projections, each with different parameters, for different areas of the test parts. This way you speed up the testing process while maintaining image quality. Our multiple parts testing feature conveniently covers more than one item per test run.

YXLON has developed a new linear detector array (LDA) that further guarantees scatter-free, homogenous image quality and provides unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio.

CT Compact generates high energy to effectively penetrate iron components up to 65 mm (2.6’’) thick and aluminum parts up to 250 mm (9.9’’).Software features like automated center determination and imaging correction algorithms eliminate the need for time-consuming manual interaction.

1. Fe casting

2. Cross section with porosities

3. Porosity analysis

CT ModeFan beam CT

Max. inspection envelope
(ø x h)

450 mm x 750 mm
Max. sample weigth50 kg
X-ray sourceY.TU450-D11
0.4 mm @ 0.7 kW / 1.0 mm @ 1.5 kW
DetectorY.LineScan, 254 μm Pitch
MagnificationXL-Mag: 1.3 – 2.3
min. Scan time15 s per slice
Cabinet size (W x H x D)M: 185 x 180 x 230 cm
XL: 185 x 180 x 255 cm
XL-Mag: 246 x 189 x 255 cm
Cabinet weightM: 10 t
XL: 11 t
XL-Mag: 13 t