Soft Probe

Soft Probe

Fit like Octopus!

Being realized by a matrix structure of “flexible
composite elements”, “matching layer”, and
“damping materials”.

Excellent Cost Performance!

No Wedge!
Enabling the inspection of materials with flat
and curved surface.

Available for Various Applications!

Fitting to various shapes by own structure of transducer, and
suitable for industrial as well as medical field

Ultrasonic Flexible Transducer


Single Element
Straight Beam Type

Dual Element
Straight Beam Type

We accept your samples for test,
free of charge, and devices are available to rent!

Flexible Transducer Fitting Freely like an Octopus


”TAKOTAN“ is an ultrasonic transducer that realizes inspection and measurement to fit on curved surfaces with its flexibility using 3 layer structure consisting of, “composite elements”, “matching layer” & “damping materials”. Its enhanced usability allows it to be used with commercially available ultrasonic flaw detectors. With the help of an ultrasonic array flaw detector (2D matrix type), inspection and measurement results can be displayed as a waveform, section and flat images.

■ Application
・Metal ・Civil engineering, Construction ・Chemical, petrochemical plant ・Road, Bridge
・Automobile ・Aerospace ・Machinery ・Electronics ・Medical field, etc.
■ Target
・Metal ・Resin ,etc.

Butt welding part

Fillet welding part

Gas-cut surface of the reinforcing bar

Rough surface of the casting

Gap area

Narrow space area

Concave surface

Convex surface

■ Standard Features (Flexible transducer)
・Type:Single or dual element straight beam
・Frequency : 2~10 MHz
・Element size : Φ5 ~ Φ10
・Operating temperature:Room temperature

Ultrasonic testing by
standard flaw detectors!

Flexible Transducer

Thickness Measurement of Elbow Pipe

■ Standard Features (Flexible matrix array transducer)
・Type: 2D Matrix
・Frequency:3.5~10 MHz
・Element:16~64 elements
・Operating temperature:Room temperature

Ultrasonic testing by
phased array flaw detectors!

Flexible Matrix Array Transducer

Defect Detection of Spherical Specimen
(Detect Image : Triangle of flat bottom)