Pencil Probe

Pencil Prob

Fit Flexibly!

Offering ultrasonic inspection on various
shapes (curved/uneven/gap/rough surface).

Cartridge Type Available!

Easy to change element size and set frequency
as this transducer is cartridge type.

High S/N Ratio and Narrow Dead Zone!

With improved S/N ratio during transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves,
you can detect a defect that exists directly under the surface
because dead zone of this transducer is narrow.

Butt welding part

Narrow groove part

Gas-cut surface of the reinforcing bar

Concave surface

Convex surface

Conventional Transducer


Defect Inspection 1mm away under the curved surface

You can choose type and frequency as the cartridge type

Ultrasonic Soft Transducer


Cartridge type

Case type

Flat type

Pencil type

Improved S/N ratio by the transducers’ own structure. It not only allow you to inspect welding zone, casting and aluminum diecasting but is also useful to detect defects near the surface owing to narrow dead zone. It can be used in the field of metal, civil engineering, construction, plant, road, bridge, electronics, medical, etc.

Soft Fitting! Ultrasonic Soft Transducer!


The soft transducer ‘JUTAN’ is made of soft materials, and provide ‘high S/N ratio’ and ‘narrow dead zone’. It allows to create narrow dead zone, by improving S/N ratio during transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves. As the result, we can inspect and measure a defect near the surface, or welding zone, casting, aluminum diecasting, high damping materials.

■ Application
・Metal ・Civil engineering, Construction ・Chemical, petrochemical plant ・Road, Bridge
・Automobile ・Aerospace ・Machinery ・Electronics ・Medical field, etc.
■ Target
・Metal ・Resin ・Human Body, etc.
■ Specifications (Customizable)
・Frequency:1〜10MHz ・Element Size:Φ3〜20mm ・Type:Single/Dual element straight beam
■ Type
・Cartridge type/Case type/Flat type/Pencil type
■ Usage

Butt welding part

Fillet welding part

Gas-cut surface of the reinforcing bar

Rough surface of the casting

Gap area

Narrow space area

Concave surface

Convex surface