Eco Check

Eco Check

Concept of Eco-Check is a visible dye penetrant which is less harmful for human body and environment. Both aerosol type (E-ST and E-T) and canned type (EP-W) are available.


  • Not applicable of Japanese Specific Chemical Substances Obstacle Prevention Regulations and Japanese Water Pollution Control Law
  • Not applicable of Japanese Organic Solvent Toxicity Prevention Regulation and PRTR
  • Aerosol cap is spray-through cap (E-T series)
  • Conformity with JIS-Z-2343-2 and ISO-3452-2 (E-ST, E-T series)
  • Easy drainage treatment and COD value can be decreased more than 97% by coagulation method

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Eco-Check Product List
E-STFor general application
EP-WWater washable type
E-TLow halogen, low sulfur type