Digital Ultrasonic Testing : UI-27

Digital Ultrasonic Testing : UI-27

Sophisticated Multi-use ultrasonic flaw detector


  • Fulfilling software
  • High brightness LED monitor
  • 2ch extension (optional)
  • External output extension (optional)
  • IP66 water-proof Design

UI-27 will respond for the needs of all people.

Built-in 12 frequency band filters deliver high-sensitivity testing by optimal receiving band. 200 MHz sampling frequency will improve the distance measurement accuracy and the material thickness measurement accuracy.

DAC curve & Skip marker

The simultaneous display function for distance  value “y” and depth value “d” on the screen.

FFT result screen

FFT function of the received waveform.

Inspection conditions setting screen

Batch setting of inspection conditions is possible.

Independent sound velocity setting function for each gate.

The simultaneous distance display function of in the water sound velocity and in the steel sound velocity .

External output function: Recorder signals, Control signals.
2ch expansion: 2ch simultaneous synchronization inspection is possible.


  • Display
    Screen size: 6.5″VGA a-Si TFT active-matrix Display area: 132.5 X 99.5
    Pixels : 640(W) X 480(H)
    A scan pixels: 424(W) X 316(H)
    Max 530(W) X 421(H)
  • Size (mm)・Weight (kg)
    286(W) X180(H) X110(D) Approx3.6kg
  • Case (IP66water-proof standard)
    Reinforced ABS resin (front and rear) Aluminum alloy (body)
  • Transmitter section
    Output impedance: 50Ω or less
    P.R.F.: Link with test range
    Pulse rise up time: Less than 10ns
    Wave form: Square wave pulse
    Voltage: Low / Medium / High
    Damping: 50 / 300Ω
  • Receiver section
    Gain: 110dB (in steps of 0.1dB)
    Sensitivity: 80dB or better at 5MHz narrow band Receiver amplification center frequency:
    0.25/ 0.5/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 10/ 15/ 25MHz Amplifier linearity: ±3% Max
  • Time-base section
    Test range:
    1 to 14,556 mm in sound velocity 5900 m/s Sound velocity measurement range:
    100 to 15,000 m/s
    Adjustable delay: full scale to 3,000 μs ±5% Display time-base linearity: ±1% Max
  • Gate section
    Delay range:
    0 to full scale time range on the display
    Gate marker width:
    0 to full scale time range on the display Number of gate: 4
  • Standard accessories
    1, Li-Ion battery: 1
    2, AC adapter: 1
    3, SD memory card: 1
    4, Manual, Test certificate, Warranty: 1set
  • Frequency analysis function
    Center frequency: 0.25 to 25MHz adjustable Display range: 50MHz max
  • Temperature
    Ambient temperature: 0 to 40℃ (operation) -20 to 60℃ (storage)
  • Standard functionality
     Measurement methods:
    single probe / dual probe / transmission technique
    Wave form selections: DC / DC+ / DC- / RF Beam path measurement methods:
    Peak / Up / First echo / Zero crossing / Peak up Angle beam technique support function:
    12 DAC max, refraction angle measurement
    Data storage capacity: In attached 2GB SD card, 600 Conditions and 90,000 Images are stored. Max SDHC32GB.
  • Power section
    AC adapter: 100 to 240V±10% 50/60Hz 20W
    Battery: Li-Ion cell 1. Max 2 in parallel operation. Battery operation time: approx. 8 Hour / 1 cell Charging time: approx. 2.5Hr 80%, 5Hr 100%
  • Interfaces
    Card slot: SD memory card
    Connectors: USB (master / slave) LAN / VGA / Encoder (2Axis)
    DC inlet
    Earphone and microphone (Headset) (JEITA RC-5240)
  • Optional extras and Software
    2 Ch. Extension: Set of T/R card, connectors, S/W Output extension: Set of I/O card, Ext-terminal, S/W Expansion Battery: Li-Ion cell for parallel operation Dedicated carrying case: For body and parts storage
    TOFDO method: S/W. Scanner supply on request. ABC-scan display: S/W. Scanner supply on request. EDAC function: Electrical DAC compensation S/W Tracking function: S echo tracking function S/W