Heavy Plate Marking System (Type-Ⅰ)

Heavy Plate Marking System (Type-Ⅰ)

This system is installed above the plate roller transfer table and marks characters, symbols and special marks at the designated position of surface of the plate, while the plate is stopped on the roller table, in accordance with the marking data received from host computer.


  • Fully automatic marking in accordance with the marking data from host computer
  • Fast response pencil guns spray clear, sharp and uniform dot marking
  • 36-dot-matrix dense special marks and fonts can be registered max. 999 kinds
  • Extremely precise marking can be done on stationary plate
Main Specification
Plate to be markedHeavy Plate
Plate ConditionDry, free of water, oil and mill scale
Max. 300 ℃
Installed PositionAbove the plate roller transfer table in Plate finishing plant
Marking SpecificationMarking Type : Paint dot spray type
Color : White
Dot Configuration : 36-dot-matrix
Dot Diameter, Pitch : 5 mm
Kind of Character : Numerals, Alphabets, Symbols, Special fonts and marks
Paint/RemoverPaint : Tecmarker PMK (White)
Remover : Tecmarker Remover PMK
Main Equipment
Marking MachineMarking Head (36 dots), Marking Head Case, Nozzle Cleaning Device and others
Approx. 300 W x 500 H x 400 L mm
Pump UnitPaint Pump, Remover Pump each 1 set
Approx. 860 W x 1160 H x 800 D mm
Marking Control PanelPrint Controller (PC), Sequencer (PLC)
Approx. 1600 W x 2000 H x 600 D mm
Marking/Servo Driver PanelApprox. 1200 W x 2000 H x 600 D mm
Main Operation PanelDesk type Approx. 1000 W x 850 D x 800 H mm
Frame and Drive UnitBridge type frame
Drive unit for Marking Machine:
X-axis Transverse movement
Y-axis Movement of plate longitudinal direction
Z-axis Upward and Downward movement
W-axis Rotating movement

Marking Sample

Marking Sample 1

Marking Sample 2